In InSkate app you can choose between some of the best Coaches
in figure skating from around the world.
Wich are always ready to help you with your achievments.

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Konstantin Menshov
Руслан Жиганшин
Сергей Воронов
Ekaterina Bobrova
Tom Zakrajsek
Benjamin Miller
Aleksander Smirnov
Рогонов Алексей
Екатерина Васильева
Сергей Добрин
Нодари Маисурадзе

How to increase your skating skills:

Take a video of your figure skating element

From wide perspective or in slow motion and send a video-question to the coach.

The coach will answer

In 24 hours. Specially for you he will make a video-consultation.

Correct your mistakes

And send it to the coach. He will give you a score.

Collect your scores

Gain levels to open the access to the best specialists in the world.

We also made
your skating practice much easier.

With our video you can practice on your own.

Practice from basics to master level:

Basic steps
Technical step elements
Flying entrance and jumps in spins
Pair skating

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